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How to Connect to MB6CA


To connect to the node via RF the following settings are required:-

Frequency:    144.81250 DV

UR:       Either CQCQCQ or see below

RPT1:   MB6CA^^C

RPT2:   MB6CA^^G      (^^ = 2 spaces)

Your rig MUST be set with a duplex setting of either + or - 0.0000   If you don't make this setting it don't work - it's an Icom thing apparently !!  The node will be totally deaf to your transmission without setting your rig on Duplex - I know this for sure because I have checked it out myself.

Once you have a connection to the node you will receive a text & voice message telling you if the node is connected to another Repeater, Reflector or Node.  If it is already connected your message will let you know which Repeater etc it is actually connected to.

To connect to a Repeater, Reflector or Node of your own choice simply unlink MB6CA by sending:-

UR Call:  ^^^^^^^U    (7 spaces then a U)

This will disconnect the node from its current link if it is a DPlus link.  Please see the DTMF Code page for details of how to unlink from CCS call routing etc.

UR Call:  GB7NE^BL   (for example to Link to GB7NE module B)  The 7th character must be the module & the 8th must be an L.

If the linking has been successful then a text message will be recieved indicating that this is so.

Once linked to the "new" Repeater, Reflector or Node simply change the UR Call to CQCQCQ and then chat away !   



At the moment MB6CA doesn't have a Default Gateway set.  

If you would like a default Gateway please let me know.


What is a Default Gateway?

A Default Gateway is a Gateway (or Reflector, Repeater etc) that when MB6CA is unlinked elsewhere simply re-links autmatically to.  What it means in practice is that when a user connects to MB6CA they'll nornally find that they are already linked and have to then start off by sending the UNLINK command before they can link up to there own preferred Gateway or Reflector etc.


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